the city reader 6th edition ebook download

The seventh edition of the successful book reader of the city brings together the best classical and contemporary writings. Sixty-three selections include: Forty-five copies of the sixth edition and eighteen new selections, including three recently written for The City Reader. This anthology contains a Prologue article entitled “How to Study Cities”, eight introductory sections as well as separate introductions to each selected article.

the city reader 6th edition ebook

The new version has been extensively updated and expanded to reflect the latest thinking in each of the disciplinary and thematic areas, including sustainable urban development, globalization, the impact of technology on cities, resilient cities, and urban theory. The seventh edition places more emphasis on the cities of developing countries, the global system of cities, and the future of cities in the age of digital transformation. This edition preserves the classic writings of authors such as Louis Memford, Jane Jacobs, and Louis Wirth, and includes the best contemporary writings, including Peter Hall, Manuel Castells, and Saskia Sassen. New Content on Compact Cities, Urban History, Location, Climate Change, Global Cities Network, Smart Cities, New Social Deprivation, Normal Cities, Democratization, Gender Perspective, Regime Theory, Comparative Urban Planning, and the Impact of Technology on Cities

The bibliographic content has been completely updated and strengthened so that the seventh edition can serve as a reference source to guide faculty and students to the most important writings on all key topics in urban studies and planning. City Reader provides a comprehensive map of urban, old and new study areas. Reading it is essential for anyone interested in studying cities and urban life.