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his is the single best chemistry textbook ever written. It achieves a perfect balance between introductory material, and advanced ideas of, most importantly, molecular orbital theory, which is the glue that holds everything together. There is seamless integration of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, such that they don’t feel like disparate subjects. Even as a Ph.D. theoretical chemist, I regularly re-open this great book to refresh on the fundamentals.
Chemical Structure and Reactivity” is the book I wish I had as an undergraduate. Written by two Cambridge academics (including Wothers who also wrote Organic Chemistry with Clayden) the book covers essentially the entire first year of a general chemistry course (organic, inorganic and physical) along with some topics that might be covered in second year.

The explanations are concise, and a lot of effort has clearly gone into the preparation of be schemes and figures, as well as careful choice of examples.

The only thing that could improve this is the availability of a problems manual and solutions guide to further exemplify the material, but even without this it’s still a a great book.